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Blue Bird Property stands for hard work, ingenuity, comfort and care.

Our standards start with exemplary property management and have no end in delivering a positive experience. We manage home.

We believe that having an address isn’t a means to an end — it can be a starting line. A launch pad for something better. A place that brings comfort and stability so that you can really focus on what’s important.


Mission-Driven Property Management

Hailing from a local government agency (Nevada Rural Housing Authority) and a nonprofit entity (Nevada Rural Housing Inc.), Blue Bird Property LLC looks at the residential world through a truly unique lens. We’re rooted in mission-driven decisionmaking. We bring business acumen, an entrepreneurial spirit and a dedication to positive outcomes. You’ll find us at the intersection of community service and corporate performance — that may make us odd birds, and we think that’s a good thing.


The Blue Bird Experience

Blue Bird proudly manages more than 500 units across 12 properties throughout Nevada. The root of the root is this: the property we manage houses the people we serve. These units and homes are vessels carrying precious cargo — our neighbors, friends and family.

With more than 100 years of collective experience in housing, Blue Bird knows its stuff. Real estate operations, affordable housing finance and compliance, rental assistance/subsidy program administration, client services and community relations are just a few of the arrows in our quiver.

Who We Serve

Our Flock

Our experts not only offer their technical know-how, they offer their hearts. Being a helpful resource for a tenant, a contributing member of a community and a top performer for those who invest in us is paramount. And earning trust and respect from owners means they know their properties are not only managed, but they’re thriving.

  • Employees

    Support Opportunity Empowerment

    Our team helps the entire flock fly straight — without our employees, we are nothing. They deserve and receive the tools they need to help fulfill our mission. Always.

  • Tenants

    Safety Security Comfort

    Having a place to call home is a universal right. Our role in a tenant’s life has the potential to provide relief or cause strife — we strive for a positive experience every single time.

  • Investors

    Reliability ROI Integrity

    We do what we say we’re going to do. We do what it takes to make our venture worth your while. And we do it regardless of who’s watching.

  • Communities

    Safety Security Comfort

    We know we are part of something bigger. A community filled with happily housed citizens is a thriving community, and we’ll gladly take a seat at the table if it means we can make a difference.